An Angered Response can be Devastating

An Angered Response can be Devastating
An Angered Response can be Devastating

Midway between fury’s breach
and the harsh ramifications of outcome,
there is a silent slow-motion speech
we mouth to ourselves,
and in that trans-formative moment,
where direction is a forked path,
we choose the aftermath of our emotions.

One step too far is the difference
of a lifetime in recompense,
a mistake that encapsulates our life with pain,
narrows our choices and circumstances
to the letter of the law,
and there is no restoration,
just time, incarcerations only lord.

All this for a release of emotions,
a furious striking out from injustice,
the honor upheld from a libelous affront,
or protection of those we love,
the consequence of which is life altering,
and this one mistake, an uncommon brutality,
renders us culpable in a harsh reality.

Violence is never an answer,
yet when we are confronted, threatened,
how can we avoid its oncoming,
a self-defense that could cost us dearly,
when we strike out physically
to secure ourselves or others from harm,
and within the law, it is we who suffer.

Surrounded by violent people,
we live at the edge of abyss,
and confronted we fear for life, confront ourselves,
to know whether we could defend justice
by physical means, in a given circumstance,
and if so, what can happen as a result,
should our assault effect a life.

So fragile the human form,
one punch can end it all,
and this oversight of response,
can take a life so easily,
even though our defense is sound,
it can surely change many lives,
and we responsible outside of legal bounds.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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