When Truth Becomes a Ruse

When Truth Becomes a Ruse
When Truth Becomes a Ruse

What more does an ego prove,
other than it is an ego,
and when driving a life,
its blinkered view but a distraction
of purpose, a demanding of presence,
a recognition of purchase,
when the questioning of self
requires a deemed certainty.

How we cling to ego,
that projection of self and stability,
when more than not,
the wielding of belief
is founded in uncertainty,
doubts or the play of arrogance,
burying our questioning mind,
yet projecting an iron-cast will.

We may hide behind delusion,
yet truth manifests one way or another,
regardless of our wants,
regardless of our projections,
and the greater the ego,
the more there is to lose in truth,
when cracks appear,
and delusions unfair.

A discerning mind sees with clarity
the wielding of self in stature,
yet facades are just that
and egos can mean the opposite of what’s presented,
for many a necessity of security,
a shield of certainty dipped in lies,
all for the purpose of self-belief,
and supposed stability.

But truth is singularly unique,
and its twisting and manipulation
an obvious breach of reality,
as in the certainty of place,
people give away their vulnerability,
their wants wanting in light of truth,
and culpability they must atone,
their weakness prone to discovery.

Ego is a tool of acceptance,
not a runaway train,
and when mindlessly fashions lies,
we cannot believe ourselves
to live a deluded life,
as we contrive to create imbalance
and the recompense that ensues,
when truth becomes a ruse.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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2 thoughts on “When Truth Becomes a Ruse

  • January 3, 2018 at 2:28 AM

    Truth is always there, waiting, ready and willing to make itself known to set things straight. Truth can be twisted, but it cannot be denied, for if denied it will eat away at falsehood till it bursts forth. Great piece Tony.


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