“Six Years of Service” A Collection of Poems by Jamie Lee Hamann

A Poetic Narrative of A Soldiers Peace Time Service.
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First of all “Six Years of Service” is a story told as a long line narrative. Mixed within the narrative are moments of  free form imagism, and more traditional forms like sonnet. Therefore the book is a slice of life, autobiographical at times, and shares a soldier’s experience through image and emotion.

“My father was in the Navy during the Vietnam War.  My parents met when he was in the service and stationed in San Jose CA.  Throughout my life I remember seeing pictures of him in uniform.  Even though he did not talk much about his experience I had created stories based on these photographs.  His brother, my uncle, fought on the ground in Vietnam.  I only knew him after his experience there.  According to the stories, I heard from family, he was affected deeply and had many problems with PTSD.

I was in the Army for six years starting in 1991 until 1997.  I was a Medical Laboratory Specialist and spent most of my time working for MEDDAC.  The Army trained me to run military blood banks in Fort Ord California and I was prepared to deploy to Iraq during “Desert Storm.”  I never made it to Iraq and I found myself either working in Military Hospitals in the field or on base.”  Introduction to Six Years of Service.

In addition I dedicate this collection of poems to all service members serving or discharged.  Enjoy these images that bring the reader into memories of our Armed Services.

Most of all “Six Years of Service” is a simple book. It is a simple read. Moments soldiers feel at different times of their service mixed with moments of my own life and my own experiences.


Many days passed

in the field.

Time seemed

to begin

with warm breakfast

end with cold dinner.


to our billets

began training

in hand to hand


Pinned to ground

by a large soldier

from the south, one

of his friends

poured a box

of Clorox

over my head

called me

a smelly Yankee.

Later that evening

a few from

my platoon

filled a pillowcase

with soap

beat the soldier

that held me down

until he begged

for mercy.

From “Six Year of Service

Consequently this book is a way to share my poems to readers. Otherwise my poetry would sit in a file out of site and out of mind. We write poetry to share and even our older poems deserve to be used.

Therefore the act of collecting poems helped me to reread and revise work. Similar to picking up a lost treasure on your bookshelf and dusting it off. The process helped me to understand my poetry in a different light.

You can purchase a copy from Amazon.com. https://www.amazon.com/Six-Years-Service-Jamie-Hamann/dp/1546621938/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1514829463&sr=8-2&keywords=Jamie+Lee+Hamann

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Jamie Lee Hamann

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I have a passion for writing short fiction and poetry. I started writing for TCE around 2015 and since then I have finished seven collections of poetry and plans for more. I currently live in Lemmon Valley NV with my family. If you desire to find my other work on the internet feel free to stop by my website simplepoetics.weebly.com. The website offers articles on poetry, poems, and links to all my other writing.

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  • January 1, 2018 at 8:56 PM

    Well done my friend, its is a buz to get the work out there. I wish you all the luck in the world Jamie. Congrats.


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