Being Human and Open Enough to Learn

Being Human and Open Enough to Learn
Being Human and Open Enough to Learn

Drawn into the vortex of human life,
one cannot but accept the plight,
the undulations, the joys and woes,
all for a soul’s growing,
all for the gleaning of wisdom’s ploy;
and there is no reprieve, no break
from the path undertaken,
just the marking of our response,
how we have taken the affront,
when truth knocks loudly,
and we cower, knowing we have faltered.

Buried in contention
is a seeing man’s blur, for reality expands
amid our panicked stands,
and it takes a wise soul to recognize learning,
and accept the consequences of our hand,
when we mistakenly see not our failings
and pridefully attach to delusions
to placate our faults, and in doing so
stagnate, when we should be learning;
perspective should be on higher ground,
to see what truly is a round.

We are imperfect,
but unlimited in potential,
and should we be open to that
the world transforms, the scope of vision multiplied,
and within the realization of truth,
steps tend to be more secure,
and lead us to considered ends,
not driven by fault to suffer consequence,
rather learn and avoid the pain;
acknowledging fault and learning
is a sweet gift in a loving heart.

Kindness is a means of rejecting negativism,
freely giving a paradigm of ascension,
and the more we practice love in all aspects of life,
the easier life becomes,
because our hearts can then face conflict
without irrational response,
and peace follows a peaceful heart, always,
contention seen as imbalance,
not a personal affront,
and so we in calm surrender to life’s flow,
acknowledge truth and accept who we are.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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2 thoughts on “Being Human and Open Enough to Learn

  • January 1, 2018 at 10:48 PM

    Physical and spiritual wisdom grows when we look at failings, pain and loss as lessons. This is a very inspiring verse, Tony – I love your inspirational pieces, great works all.

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