Heat Waves…more of extremes

Heat Waves...more of extremes
Heat Waves…more of extremes

Sweat beads upon the brow,
growing orbs of crystal light,
as heat sears the flesh, a rising heat,
oppressive days unrelenting
seat of power, as summer rides
its unforgiving path.

Weak the flesh and mind,
gripped in dull abiding heat,
no relief in sight,
just a sun in arc of play,
enacts another summer’s day,
dry and silent, brash and predatory.

It is as a war, an affront to life,
rising rippled heat a mirage,
a slight of hand trick of water,
seen but not known,
none to quench this voracious thirst
for a cool reprieve.

Deserted streets attest the malaise,
silent birds and animal sounds,
buried in earthen holes
and cool grounds of shade,
trying to appease this reckless plight,
praying for a change, a cooler night.

Three days now and energy spent,
suffering all in this aberrant weather,
when air is still and lackluster,
appeasing not that need to breathe,
as if the heat removes the life in every breath,
and nothing sated, all bereft.

My cat is silent,
found the coolest place on the floor,
and his rise and fall of breath
keeps me assured in his stillness,
the weight of life in a heatwave,
wearing a thick fur coat, is harsh.

The dog pants as if her last bug-eyed moment,
nowhere is relief, just a movement
to remind her she is still here,
gasping air for all its worth,
to somehow cool her worth
in a day such as this.

We are waiting for a change,
perhaps a breeze that takes this burden away,
and praying we all the power still on,
for without that air-conditioner
we would be done,
and chard our dried up bodies on the floor.

Summer down under,
can be a little more than expected,
especially as the weather changes,
becomes more intense,
as the world warms
and extremes mark our recompense.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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