In Dusty Wake of Life

In Dusty Wake of Life
In Dusty Wake of Life

Lilting breezes dust the scorched dry plain,
as sun renounces its daily reign
and life sighs in relief,
a small mercy from nature’s summer heat,
and the pained stillness of relentless day
abides its opposite refrain,
as stars beckon sentient minds
to wander the vast eternal plains of space,
the birthing place of life,
the grumbling changes and transformations
of beginnings and ends,
seen only in flickering light,
deep in the velvet folds of night.

Desert cracks as temperatures plummet,
and the soft moonlight touches the air
with an esoteric trace, interlaced
with that blue luminescence
that soothes the red parched stare of wilderness;
and nestled safe in burrows deep,
life alights in night to feed and prosper
in this inhospitable place they call home,
as they know no other,
and movement abounds in soft comforting night,
shrouded by glimmering starlight,
and in this blue life and death ensues,
as is the way of life.

Moon climbs into night sky and in its arc
time imparts its dues,
and silent whispers resound, like nature’s breath
the slow movement of cooler air
dares to temper this desert plain,
until the sun again glows orange on the cut horizon,
rising to a new day, a new challenge for life,
a searing strife to know the power,
the force of nature’s flow,
and eyes farewell the morn,
seek refuge in burrows deep,
and in sleep find solace,
as time in dusty wake of life, does take.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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