Conspiracy, When the Worst is Realized

Conspiracy, When the Worst is Realized
Conspiracy, When the Worst is Realized

It’s hard to fight the overwhelming odds of conspiracy,
hard to believe we have little effect on change singularly,
but in the end we outnumber those who would enslave us,
and as money is their most viable weapon,
we may collectively refuse to buy, refuse to accept,
refuse to support the means by which they prosper,
and in doing so those who would enslave us, would become powerless.

We have allowed the few to become so powerful,
they control water, food, politics and energy globally,
and they can starve countries, they can let disease consume millions,
just to uphold their plans for a ‘New World Order’,
a single government to control the world,
a military rule that is preparing to cull the worlds populations
for easier management, and simpler control.

This is not theory but reality, and the proof is out there,
for more than a hundred years these few moguls have suppressed
inventions that would have cured cancer,
have solved world energy with free energy
and cured many of the diseases that have taken so many;
those inventors were bought or assassinated,
their science taken and stored away to uphold fossil fuel
and pharmaceutical dominance.

Technologically we are now more than a hundred years behind,
because the military and economic elite cannot afford to lose what they have,
and while war and racial conflict keeps them in business and us agreeing with it,
they ply us with technological entertainment as a distraction,
while slowly numbing our children with education that teaches
submission and compliance for their future oppression,
and we not able to grasp this possibility, just stand there
in disbelief and in apathy, acceptance.

Virtually every beginning to a war was contrived,
staged to illicit our support and belief in our governments as being righteous,
but the opposite is true, events that riled us to accept invading other countries
were born of deceit, killing our own people and blaming others
to get unequivocal support, 9/11 a perfect example,
and so the ruthlessness of these people is beyond morality, it is a pure evil,
that now we are faced with their endgame,
the last pieces coming together.

The future of our planet hangs in the balance,
and while we are buried in debt, striving for a pointless security,
those who would enslave us are close to realizing their ultimate dream,
a military dictatorship where we the workers are just numbers,
and those few enjoy the fruits of our labor.
What you have so far believed about your country,
is unfortunately wrong.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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