Broken, but Not Necessarily Irresolute

Broken, but Not Necessarily Irresolute
Broken, but Not Necessarily Irresolute

Fractures become gaping cracks
and fissures become chasms,
when broken souls display
the emptiness of failure’s surgical ‘ectomies’
as hopes and dreams are crushed to steam
and simply evaporate,
leaving massive voids where
a whole person used to be.

And wander oblivious, the empty,
broken people pretending whole,
but in their lives, sold to their insecurities,
they hold delusions of superiority,
blame and ridicule from sorry hearts
imparting hurt and malcontent,
pleas from a wanting mind,
their void filled with darkness.

Baggage we may carry in life,
imbalances that never quite find resolution,
but broken people cannot adjust,
rather they must instill a bravado,
a pretense to hide their woes,
and in blaming others an illusion of healing
that actually just tethers them to their inequities,
and in stagnation they remain.

Broken people seem never
to deal with their problems,
just complain of their victimization,
over and over like a broken record player,
for they seek pity not resolution,
some comfort for their blameless lives,
some attention they feel deserved,
from their stripped down existence.

Without facing oneself, and learning,
we are bound to be in pieces,
irresolution fragmenting our very being,
so we cannot be seen as whole,
too many problems unsolved,
and thus our behavior is indicative
of all the pain and failures past,
and we stand not as stoic, but brittle,
cast of plaster and breakable.

Facing reality and the self in acceptance
is all any of us can do.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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