The Acceptance of Truth, No Matter What

The Acceptance of Truth, No Matter What
The Acceptance of Truth, No Matter What

Ever true, the heart of a selfless man,
a man in the labor of his soul,
to glean what the earthly passage holds,
and aspire not status but freedom,
in spiritual union with life.

Compassion drives this heart,
empathy marks his understanding,
as the undulations of life unfold,
so does the wisdom to overcome,
to meld meaning and purpose.

As the mind explores,
and creativity burgeons in full sail,
such a soul finds miraculous flight,
where reality’s bite is seen as learning,
and the paths of the struggling, plain.

Insight bears witness to truth,
and knowing offers words of comfort
and appeasement, for those who can listen,
yet often souls are not ready to hear, too embedded
in fear and the trappings of physical life.

What the selfless man sees
is unencumbered by the ego’s needs,
and clear vision offers clear answers
to the problems that are seen as untenable,
the circumstances thought inequitable.

Yet in labour of the soul,
the selfless man knows what is his needs,
what circumstances are for his learning,
and that often prohibits others in their chaos,
for they on their own path are dangerous.

Choice is our defining power,
to decide what is worth the pain, and what is not,
and in that knowing of a soul’s need,
the selfless man cannot appease all wrongs,
cannot bear the weight of another’s burden.

The knowing of what can be done
and what should be done,
is the selfless man’s insight,
the observer of plight and movement,
and the acceptance of truth, no matter what.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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