Accept, Relinquish, Surrender, Light, Teach, Engender

Accept, Relinquish, Surrender, Light, Teach, Engender
Accept, Relinquish, Surrender, Light, Teach, Engender

Thrice the echo resounded clean,
as if to insist on meaning,
and the words imbued the body complete,
I, saturated with this plea;
these words shook my very core,
like a tremor of volcanic shift,
my mind in awe my body drawn,
as my very soul did lift.

I turned to see a luminous light,
of palest blue yet of ethereal plight,
and the words emanating
through this strange warp in time,
this sole tear in the night sky;
and as I focused at its center,
the light more brilliant white,
I knew it was addressing me alone.

My body was motionless,
my mind transfixed,
unable to move bar my breath’s rise and fall,
and again it thrice did call,
the same words, the same intent;
now quivering with energy,
my body was in a frantic state of fullness,
as if sated beyond a universal truth.

Without meaning to,
I mouthed an aphonic repeat,
the words silent but from my mind did speak,
each moment louder
as if to evoke their importance;
‘Accept, Relinquish, Surrender,
Light, Teach, Engender’,

the meaning so poignant it rattled me.

Like a chant I mouthed the words,
each one like a ripple in my ocean,
and with each one an understanding,
an unexpected discerning
that what I knew was important,
needed a path of expression,
and a serene moment began,
as my heart in acceptance, rang.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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