The Gleaning of Wisdom

The Gleaning of Wisdom
The Gleaning of Wisdom

That jolting life,
where every other moment is filled with strife,
everything that can go wrong does,
making this not a pleasured life,
an on and off plight that drives us to frustration,
constipation and more,
as we hold it in, try to control each slap in the face,
as life moves with or without our intention.

What’s missing is flow,
the ability to bend as obstacles
obstruct and minds implode,
when life is demanding and answers are missing,
we need to realize it is we who exacerbate the lows,
make everything worse as we know less than we think,
as life knows exactly what we think
and therefore bestows our path.

How oblivious we are to our responses,
blaming, venting anger just makes it worse,
gives strength to our obstruction,
until we find a quiet moment to consider,
how our thoughts have hindered our every breath,
the stops and starts of life and death,
in every way we react,
not learning from mistakes but repeating.

Flow is when we surrender to our faults,
realize our folly and accept life and its movement,
and to not respond defensively,
but objectively, in considered understanding,
dealing calmly with every obstacle,
not fighting but reviewing our approach,
until obstacles become something else,
barely a problem at all.

One becomes an observer,
watching circumstances come and go,
without response, just consideration for what they are
and what they bring in gifts of learning;
so life just flattens out,
the critical undulations now calm,
as resistance is merely lessons required,
and ramifications are part and parcel
of the gleaning of wisdom.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “The Gleaning of Wisdom

  • December 6, 2017 at 4:25 AM

    Life becomes easier when we find that smoother flow and rise above all those obstacles strewn in our paths. Excellent message in your work, Tony. Well done, dear poet.


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