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Sanctuary City, San Francisco

The group of six men got as close as they could to the border guard without being seen. They took cover behind several large boulders. Looking around they started gathering fist size rocks. When the guard turned and started back towards the boulders the men started throwing rocks. The first one hit the guard in the chest, he yelled from the pain, but was able to fire and one man was shot. Two other guards ran out from the shack just as more rocks came flying. One guard was hit on the head and it knocked him out. The other two guards started firing towards the boulders. Two illegals were dead and one wounded.

Miguel tried to pick up his father and carry him to safety. “No … you go!” Rafino’s voice was weak and raspy. He was coughing up blood. “Go now!” he grabbed Miguel’s shirt, his ragged nails scratched his son’s chest. “Get to Lake City … they will protect you… sanctuary city …” Rafino’s hand dropped and his eyes rolled up. Another man ran to Miguel and grabbed his arm, pulling him up. “Let’s go!” They ran, not looking back.

Two weeks later Miguel found a job and a place to stay in Lake City. It was one of the many sanctuary cities across America. He felt safe there. He lived in a four bedroom house with five families, all illegal aliens. He slept on one of the six twin size beds in the men’s bedroom. His few personal belongings were stored in a box under his bed and he had one shelf for his own foods in one of the eight refrigerators set up throughout the house. His menial job did not pay enough to support himself, but Miguel supplemented his income by selling stolen goods and stealing food, beer, and money from small stores outside his own community.

Throughout the city there were communities where the majority of residents were illegal aliens. These communities often turn into replicas of towns in the country the illegals came from. The residents did not like outsiders coming into their territory and made it clear by being rude to customers who were not regular patrons.

Miguel and two friends like to spend evenings in the local store one night when an outsider stopped to pick up a few things. The man became angry when he could not find what he wanted and the clerk could not understand him. “Do you not understand or speak English? I want some regular white bread and all I can find is tortillas. Where is your bread?” The clerk shook her head, “No Inglis.” She understood English, but refused to speak it.

“What the hell do you mean, no Inglis? This is America. If you people want to come here you need to speak English!”

“Pan blanco,” Miguel said as he handed the man a loaf of bread. “What the hell does that mean?” asked the customer. “White bread,” Miguel replied. The customer threw the bread at the clerk and pushed Miguel out of his way. Miguel fell against a display of candy bars and knocked it down. His two friends rushed over and started hitting the customer, then dragged him out of the store, beating him then shoved him into his car.

The customer left and drove to the police station. Miguel and his two friends were arrested, tried in court and deported. A month later, Miguel and his friends were back. Miguel was an angry young man. He told friends, “My father died to get me to America. I will not let this country beat me.” Miguel continued to steal and sell stolen goods. He hung around casinos and watched for winners. Several times he followed a person who had a large win from the slot machines, attacked them in the parking lot and stole their money.

One night he followed a young woman who had won over $1000.00. He attacked her, but she fought back hard. Miguel hit her hard enough in the face to knock her out. He put her in the back seat of her car, grabbed the keys and drove the car to a park, where he raped then killed her.

Miguel was arrested a few weeks later. He was identified by a witness who saw what happened in the casino parking lot. Miguel was fingerprinted. The fingerprints were sent to the FBI then to ICE for further investigation. ICE sent a retainer request to the police station to hold the prisoner longer than the normal time. However, Miguel was tried quickly, found not guilty, and deported. Because the retainer request was not followed, which is legally optional, and because the witness was not reliable, Miguel was free.

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Note From Author

I know there are many families who seek asylum in sanctuary cities and work hard to become valuable members of their new country. They obey laws and contribute in a good way to their communities. My protest is against the loopholes in the law, the judicial system that do not protect legal residents, and the individual illegal aliens who continue to commit crimes. Either the law needs to change for the better in regards to sanctuary cities and the power they have over federal jurisdiction OR the elimination of the sanctuary cities status.

‘Sanctuary City Welcomes and Protects Illegals’ is a fictitious story. This story was inspired by the sanctuary cities in America where illegal aliens can be released back into the streets instead of being held accountable for crimes committed, which include rape and murder. If a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization and resides in a sanctuary city, and commits a crime an arrest is made. Fingerprints are taken and sent to FBI then sent to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). ICE (Federal Jurisdiction) will send a retainer request to the local police station to hold the prisoner an extra 48 hours after the prisoner would normally be released  – this gives ICE time to investigate the illegal alien further.

The local police station can legally ignore the ICE retainer request and release the prisoner. In the case of Garcia Zarate this is what happened. Zarate was arrested on another charge then released back to the streets. After he was released he killed Kate Steinle. Zarate was arrested again, tried for the murder, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty and Zarate was released. The judge ordered deportation for Zarate. There may be other charges for Zarate to be tried on, one of those charges is an illegal alien and felon charged with possession of a gun. Zarate had five felony charges and was deported five times, each time finding his way back to San Francisco.

My personal thoughts and feelings, which are very real and valid, stem from the fact that I and many family members live in a sanctuary city. I am outraged that sanctuary cities have so much power they can choose to ignore federal laws. I have written letters to my governor, my senator and the President opposing sanctuary cities and asking for a reversal of this law that does not protect legal residents.

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2 thoughts on “Sanctuary Cities Welcome and Protect Illegal Aliens

  • December 16, 2017 at 10:03 PM

    All very sad Phyllis, as the law has many loopholes and many more people committing crimes that take advantage of them. Altogether in the state of the world, illegal immigration is a major problem, where the few criminal create problems for honest families who truly seek asylum and would work hard and contribute to their new country.

    • December 17, 2017 at 12:11 AM

      Thank you for your comment, Tony. You are right, their are “honest families who truly seek asylum and would work hard and contribute to their new country” who are also upset and put in danger by ones who get away with crimes. Thank you for bringing that point up, I appreciate it.

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