Our Days are Chosen

Our Days are Chosen
Our Days are Chosen

Hallowed days,
serene postulations of light
show without doubt,
the blissful ways of thought,
uninhibited by shadows
that are cast out, unworthy,
and we, at its mercy,
abide our deepest love,
to know our purpose.

No worship, no penance,
just a recognition, a circumstance,
a proposition of possibility,
to encourage appreciation
for all we have, in this our paradise,
and in compassion and kindness
we may accept these gifts,
to uplift our souls
and live in freedom.

The heart has capacity unknown,
in endless love and kindness shown
to lead our way,
not be buried by senseless thoughts
of selfish ploys,
that lead us to dark resound,
the knell of fallen beings
marching to lost paths it seems,
when love could light our way.

Choice is ours to fathom,
find rhythm in life’s undulations,
and to follow paths of ascension,
not be tethered by contention
and the darkness of misguided souls,
lost to the allure of material gain and status,
who spite our cause,
find our compassion a weakness
they cannot understand.

But they are but a shallow trickle of life,
no light inspires their self-serving,
for they are blind to life’s being,
the infinite possibilities of bliss,
when we surrender to ourselves,
acknowledge and accept truth,
as we are all on this journey,
together, regardless of all else,
and we should be grateful.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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4 thoughts on “Our Days are Chosen

  • December 3, 2017 at 1:39 AM

    To know our purpose, appreciate what we have and abide in love is what makes our paradise and each day of life so blissful. Kind thoughts are like seeds to create a glorious garden of love and friendships. Beautiful work, Tony.


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