When Love Was Not Enough…CONTO 2

When Love Was Not Enough...CONTO 2
When Love Was Not Enough…CONTO 2

Atop a cliff, high above the sea,
a broken creature sat,
his eyes lost in the endless waves below,
crashing upon the shore;
deep in regret was he,
as he had forsaken his one true love,
without the courage to trust and change
and let love rearrange his life,
as now his failing weighed him down,
for years he sat there, unable to move on.

Then one sunny morn an eagle came upon him,
seemingly motionless it hovered in the breeze,
the currents upholding its effortless state,
and as the creature looked up, the bird did speak,
‘Did you notice I fly,’ it asked whimsically,
‘Yet it is not I that flies but the wind that holds me up,’
the creature, perplexed, not ever hearing a bird talk,
and also the manner of what it said, confounded him,
‘Stop trying to live,’ the eagle explained,
‘One just has to surrender and let life carry you.’

‘Your sorrow is unjustified,
just know that you are alive
and let its momentum move you,
without fear or regret the most pleasant ride,’
and as the creature absorbed the words,
he felt absurd, counselled by an eagle.
‘But I am without courage,’ the creature replied,
‘For my fear could not abide my love,’ he sobbed,
‘And so you set her free,’ the bird continued,
‘Yet you tether yourself to pain and regret.’

‘Below you is the past, behind you is a future,
that you can make,
just as your love was given a second change,
allow yourself the same,
or remain a sallow broken being,
who watches flight and sees no such opportunity,’
The eagle suddenly fluttered its wings
and landed next to the creature,
for a moment preening its glorious feathers.
‘I could sit here with you but that is not who I am.’

‘Tell me, are you a creature that sits upon a cliff,
is that who you are, in maudlin shadows of past?’
The creature shook his head and stood up,
as if the question stirred his heart.
‘I am not,’ he replied, disgruntled,
and the eagle took flight and soared upward
then, with a sharp turn, swooped down to the beach,
landing only feet from the shoreline;
the bird looked fleetingly up to the cliff top, then
suddenly turned into the mermaid,
and with a swish of her tail, she was gone.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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3 thoughts on “When Love Was Not Enough…CONTO 2

  • December 2, 2017 at 6:38 AM

    I love it! The eagle had a wise message for the creature – I hope he goes forth to a new life full of love. Very well done, Tony.

  • December 2, 2017 at 9:35 AM

    It takes courage to let go of the past. I so understand the fear of taking a risk. It took me years to let go and stand up like the creature did and say no to maudlin shadows of the past. Once I took the risk my burden was lifted, my heart was free and I found what love really is – I have peace now because I stood up and reached out. Great work, Tony.

  • December 2, 2017 at 6:38 PM

    Glad you related and enjoyed the work Phyllis, appreciate your kind words. Take care.


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