Invest in Life, Each Day May Be Our Last

Livest in Life, Each Day Maybe Our Last
Livest in Life, Each Day Maybe Our Last

But one moment from death,
ever teetering over the abyss,
life is no assurance, no certainty,
as we travail our chosen paths;
and so our next breath could be our last,
no forecast given, just swift displacement
when our time has come,
and one sure thing,
if we don’t look to a future,
a positive plan invested in life,
then purpose fades and life can turn,
so easily, no matter what the age.

If thoughts create circumstance,
the manifestation of our wants
and expectations,
then we may orchestrate our demise,
giving up hope and compromise,
to feel life is too much to bear,
and to care less for ourselves,
our potential and infinite opportunities;
so it is well we know,
that this gift is finite in earthly life,
and it is our learning and growing that matters,
all of which we must appreciate.

And none of us want a life undone,
incomplete in experience,
so it is to our benefit to remain invested,
to look to a positive future
and live each day in completeness,
for time is not ours to command,
but we can strive to hold onto our purpose,
for every breath we take is gifted,
every moment we create ours to glean,
and death is merely transition,
when our time has come
to resolve our every dream.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “Invest in Life, Each Day May Be Our Last

  • December 18, 2017 at 10:05 PM

    I agree, Tony, we must invest in life, not just coast through to the end, but be open to each opportunity that will give us a life full of accomplishments, and all the joys life has to offer. Very well penned and wise advice.


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