In Connection, Thrive

In Connection, Thrive
In Connection, Thrive

What was once deemed esoteric
is now science,
and exploring the universe
brings us back to exploring ourselves,
for answers suddenly appear
in the most unlikely places,
and we, realizing we have far greater control
over our lives,
begin to relent that shell of blame
and accept responsibility.

The connections we have in life
are not just random,
our emotions, our understanding
and our heart, dictates communication,
electromagnetic fields that create harmony,
aid in creative thought
and help us connect
to a serenely calm approach to life,
which in turn helps us exact our will
and aid the goals we seek.

Our minds and our hearts work together
within a stream of consciousness,
and the more we use compassion,
love and understanding, the more radiant we become,
as our electromagnetic field grows
and in turn effects others around us,
promoting a sense of calm,
understanding and openness
that inspires co-operation
and introduces creative outcomes.

The spiritual is slowly melding with science,
as truth crosses all perspectives,
and explanations now tie us to physical reality
but in a spiritual way, realizing
the two sides are actually one,
and as more is known,
that fact will be strengthened further,
and we shall know the existence
of soul and infinite life as truth,
not just a found-less belief.

We are boundless entities
of energy and consciousness,
and each moment of our physical and spiritual reality
impacts on people and the world around us,
even the earth itself as a separate entity
is profoundly connected to each one of us,
and how we respect it, nurture it
or betray it, has consequences,
as with each one of our thoughts,
both personally and globally, in accrual.

Be calm, be kind and in connection, thrive.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “In Connection, Thrive

  • December 30, 2017 at 8:44 PM

    Connection to all things in the universe is a given we must all embrace, it is how we will thrive. Great work here, Tony. I felt the energy, the power of your words which so finely express connection. Marvelous!


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