The Apocalypse…Can You Handle the Truth? (Political Controversy)

WARNING…Political Controversy and Unwanted Truth

The Apocalypse...Can You Handle the Truth? (Political Controversy)
The Apocalypse…Can You Handle the Truth? (Political Controversy)

An insult delivered with kindness, to open eyes and hearts..

Our apocalyptic fears will come to fruition
because we are obsessed by it,
for it is a rational conclusion
considering what we have done
and will do, to our environment and to one another,
and for all our anxiety and pain in thinking it,
we have created it, begun the expectation count-down.

How will it be, you ask,
well that depends upon how quickly
either nature retaliates, or we blow ourselves up
in some jutted-chin ego stand-off;
for the world is run mostly by morons
and opportunists, and only a few see it like it is,
which includes leaders like Vladimir Putin.

The USA is the epitome of our greatest fears,
a country so internally corrupted and brainwashed,
not even the government runs the country,
or knows the infinite secrets held,
and via the CIA and NSA black ops,
a great deal of the world, the wars
and political strategies are directed.

The Military-Industrial Complex rules the world,
keeps economies in debt, via consumerism,
creating war and political strategies
that benefit but a few,
and while black ops budgets
suck the life out of leading countries economies
it is you and I who suffer the consequences.

Poorer education, poorer healthcare
are but some of the cuts made
to support advanced weaponry,
development and use of alien technology,
while a sick and starving planet,
cannot utilize the advancements
that would solve global health,
energy and food production problems in a year.

So what will it take before anyone could be bothered
to find out the truth?
Forever, because people don’t give a damn,
they are so brainwashed to believe
in lies and patriotism gone mad,
they just care about the latest movie s
and the car they drive.

Such is the nature of blind consumerism
in a system designed to pacify the world,
while those few control populations and global stability
or instability, as it suits;
if you feel insulted because you’re American, don’t be,
you’re not the only ones,
and you are told so little how could you know?

You and others are designer populations,
misled from day one,
and everyone is so entrenched by
‘The Greatest Country in the World’,
‘The Great American Dream’,
how could you see
what they spend billions on to make sure you don’t.

The evidence is overwhelming,
the truth in perfect clarity,
so don’t blame me for my considered research,
blame yourself for your own ambivalence,
and remember all what you read and believe is fed,
what the rest of the world sees and reveals is reality,
underlined by heinous crimes:
9/11, invasion of Iraq, Vietnam, entry into WW11
and the list is endless.

Donald Trump to the world is a bad joke,
a violations of a thinking man’s brain,
and what better way to prove the point,
America cannot ever be the leader
in a world that to this day,
suffers from its greed and interference,
all of which has created or exacerbated
most every war in modern history.

Will there be an apocalypse?
Most definitely, but if we are deemed worthwhile
by our alien neighbors, they are the only ones
who could avert the inevitable end of humanity.
And at this point America is solely the catalyst
to an apocalypse: conspiracy, corruption and greed
the intentions of those who seek world dominance,
through America’s wealth and resources.

Please, all Americans,
be upset, at least enough to research the truth
and make a rational conclusion.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

Hate if you must, but that just proves your inability to be objective.

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “The Apocalypse…Can You Handle the Truth? (Political Controversy)

  • December 12, 2017 at 1:25 AM

    It is so hard to be objective, but I try. And I do see the truths you mention, Tony. It is with great sorrow that I know how bad it is here and it gets worse every day. I have written letters to my Governor, Senator, and the President on issues I strongly oppose. I am sure 1000s of others do the same every day and whether it does any good is debatable. Is it any wonder I so love to write about faeries, the forest, and visit my little nook in that peaceful setting by the river – it is my escape occasionally from reality.

    I am in the process of writing about one issue that has gotten so out of hand it is macabre and someone needs to do something about it. I believe there is a powerful conspiracy to destroy all that is good in this world so a handful of evil politicians can live their bizarre Utopian dream of complete control. Those people are insane.

    Your epistle is powerful and I hope many read it. Well done, my friend.

  • December 12, 2017 at 1:36 AM

    Thanks Phyllis, I try not to upset people but If nothing is said, the same ambivalence continues. Its not just America, but much of your resources and systems are used to benefit these few billionaires who want complete global control. A sad state of affairs


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