Waiting for Surrender

Waiting for Surrender
Waiting for Surrender

I secure nothing, expect nothing,
just await upon the passage of my soul,
twists and turns and all of what I’m due,
regardless of the life I imbue,
so I waste not time to pursue
the distractions of my ego’s want,
rather fall to what my soul does need
in the process of me.

Step off the edge,
abyss simply not known, nothing more,
change just a different view,
no collusion of plight, reviewed,
no paranoia to burden a mind
misconstrued in thought,
just a freedom of knowing,
the soul, its need of sewing, renewed.

Think not of consequence,
that is just a lesson bound,
and learning gives us a valued gain,
a resounding step of upward flight,
to qualify for right and vanquish all the doubt;
so fear not that last step into darkness,
for darkness is the cradle of light unlit,
and we in our commitment vantage light.

The cares we drag along with us,
create all the fear and expectations,
yet without them we are free,
free to discover what darkness brings in light,
what light illuminates,
and how transgressions fall
when they are not felt at all,
they just fall away, as insignificant.

So judge not yourself,
instead accept who you are,
striving to be you is all that matters,
all that cures and caters for a serene mind,
open and sublimely calm,
to let illusions free, and grasp yourself,
that God within, beyond all sin,
is waiting for your surrender.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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