The Shift is Coming

The Shift is Coming
The Shift is Coming

Have you noticed the disarray, the ever-increasing strife in the world? There is a definite feeling that all is not good and getting worse. We are at a time in human history where the sins of our past are catching up with us.

Our hostility and disregard for our environment and all life on the planet comes at a cost, and imbalance, as a matter of course, will be addressed. If not by us, by nature itself. This period of change is also associated with a needed advancement in spirituality. Because so many choose to live in denial of the need to connect and nurture love in life, we have become materialistic to extremes. We are becoming more and more insular in our lives, mistrusting others and selfishly hoarding our possessions out of fear and greed.

In the course of upholding humanity’s ongoing evolution, the souls now being born into the world are a new, more spiritually aware human being. They will be able to shift the denial of past neglect and re-establish a more positive ideal for our future. These waves of new souls have happened before and are necessary in our path of evolution. They represent a movement all over the world, to find peace and to nurture love and family as the purpose of life and not acquisition and striving for wealth, power and status.

Our children are our future, and this change is becoming more and more evident, as young adults voice their concerns and ideals for the future of our planet. Unfortunately the transition will not be quick nor straightforward as this feeling of discontent and instability will get far worse before it gets better. The more people that shift their thinking, attribute love as being the answer, the better and quicker the outcome will be.

We must accept difference, the rights of other to have religious and philosophical freedom, and rid ourselves of thoughts of racial judgement and any form of hatred or negativity. Ultimately we are all brothers and sisters, on the same path of learning on this earthly plane. Our cultural and philosophical differences are far less than our sameness, as human beings sharing our lives here in paradise. If we could just change our perspective to see that.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “The Shift is Coming

  • November 29, 2017 at 9:03 PM

    I believe you know how tears come easy to me when reading your work on truths for a better world. This is wonderful work, Tony. Yes, the shift is coming and I see it in the younger generations and it is them we will need as our leaders in a better world. A change in perspective is so needed and it is not too late for older generations to step up like you do to make a difference. Well done, Tony.


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