That One Moment of Release

That One Moment of Release
That One Moment of Release

The gloaming light afire,
‘cross a darkening blue,
brings a silence to my heart,
a temporary lull
as if time itself pursued repose,
and that one moment is sacred,
when sky’s embers glimmer strong
just before the fade to night’s throng,
where lights flash like fireflies en masse.

This is my sigh, my day’s release,
when all is momentarily lost,
the travail of day’s ensuing,
just a passing, an accepted truth,
worn and hung on a coat hanger,
clean and ready for the coming day,
and thoughts ease, those pointed affrays,
transformed to a malaise,
then, as flighted birds, released.

This stillness of heart is empowering,
serenity a valued friend,
and as darkness encroaches,
horizon a glow, I feel the shift,
the cycle turning in afferent drift,
to establish the nuances of rising moon,
and the ethereal glow that transcends the day,
complete and accepted in fine array
of our somber pensive thoughts.

And a subtle chill infuses the land,
a breeze to cleanse the heated stillness,
as time submits its swollen past,
to rest in the wake of activity ceased,
and I refreshed from quiet calm,
rise to meet the starlit night,
infinity in sighs of wonder,
the blessed twinkling light,
our dreams imbibed.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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