The Manifestation of Dark Choices

The Manifestation of Dark Choices
The Manifestation of Dark Choices

Darkness sees only darkness
in recognition of itself,
and people who embrace it
are much the same in their view,
they can only see in displacement
that which resides in them,
thus the irony of blame,
when accusers blame you
for their exact behavior,
and see it as just and true.

Darkness is all consuming
when those trapped are bitter,
and choose the negative
as a way of life,
venting their inadequacies
and suffering,
to somehow alleviate the reality
they just cannot accept,
and cannot believe
as it would undermine their ego.

The ego then becomes fragile,
and for this reason these people
do nothing but glorify themselves
by the appearance of success,
wealth, confidence and happiness,
when truly they are miserable,
living a lie that only fools them,
their behavior somewhat obvious
to the astute, and sad
for the extent of their delusion.

They will do anything
to uphold this facade, this superficial lie,
and when questioned
they turn vile and aggressive,
desperate to hold onto their believed truths,
regardless of how wrong they appear,
as they see nothing but darkness
in everyone else, never themselves,
and to them they are righteous,
even spiritual in their understanding.

How complex we are,
and how deluded we can become,
thinking the world owes us something.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “The Manifestation of Dark Choices

  • November 17, 2017 at 6:54 PM

    T’is unfortunate indeed there are people who cannot open their hearts and see the healing light of love and caring. The world owes us nothing. Very well penned message, Tony.


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