Letting Go, My Challenge

Letting Go, My Challenge
Letting Go, My Challenge

Quietly subdued, and
in the flight of circumstance,
but out of place I feel,
holding the floor and vile strikes repealed,
yet the words like gas are leaked,
stirring wrath repeats,
as sorrow dulls my heart,
unrelenting the aftermath of pain,
eyes so hurt, and let down
in my venting soul’s thirst for peace.

This dream my yearning resolution plea,
and falling on my sword
helps not the reason for my seeing truth,
forgiveness I’ve already done,
but release my soul from servitude,
lingering hurt and platitudes of appeasement,
lead not my dreams to cease,
and so they haunt me,
loom like specters, masked beasts
of taunting in harsh repeat.

I awake in sweat,
cold and chilled, skin so wet,
displaced from my chamber bed,
head spinning, near to death,
and still I face your supercilious grin,
reveling in your basest sin,
my rage no place as you within, the master,
and I not cold enough,
no heartless ploy from my within,
just your callous ambiguity.

I leave you now,
for just one room cannot hold us both,
your delusions too grand,
as the space you command obscene,
and feel I do your black desires,
I choose not to acquire audience,
just letting go the past,
cast by jealously and insecure whims,
that drive you to sins aghast,
within your world of self.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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