Leave My Beliefs Alone

Leave My Beliefs Alone
Leave My Beliefs Alone

Heretics my friends,
atheists make no amends,
and crackpot esoteric s
just muddle the stage,
philosophy all poker-faced,
and theology past used-by age,
and the more I think
my headache rages,
truth the ruse of eternal pages,
as the night bird sings,
sweetest truth to a heart it brings,
so why do we divide,
over beliefs that dis-coincide,
and why in lies do we stand so brittle,
lost in self and with no acquittal,
we suffer by our own hands.

Love is all that ever was,
the rest just preponderance
that wastes in loss,
for time is all we worry about,
and love the filling,
what we’re about,
and divisive beliefs
just squander the gain,
when beauty leads us to joyful refrain,
and rules are control,
control our loss of freedom,
when in heart the sun
in every season glows,
gives reason for our lives,
and dogmas follow us like lost dogs,
looking for a feed.

Burn me at the stake,
for I renounce your god,
not mine, the way I see it,
albeit different in nature,
my truth nonetheless,
not behest of your rules here,
mine to accept, mine to adhere,
and no matter my beliefs,
you have not the right
to intercede and cast dispersion,
the inertia of which may hurt,
alert me to the ideal of love,
that you have cast aside
in your vindictive plebiscite,
to render my beliefs inane,
just for your own satisfaction.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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