Fade This One to Black

Fade This One to Black …

Black shrouds of darkness,

as black as the night,

black shadows dancing –

across the night sky.

By the light of the moon,

with wings outstretched,

bats playing in the shadows.

Shades of gray,

fading away,

turning into inky blackness –

a void of despair.

Clutches at a broken heart,

when love fades into darkness,

not even the light of a glowing candle –

can take away the gloom.

Try as you might,

in the farthest corners of the room,

scary shadows of darkness remain

and nothing is ever the same.

Black the color of mystery,

unknown to what it brings,

stepping into the dark shadows –

searching for what is ahead.

Be it a friend or stranger,

in shadow land no one knows.

Black and silent,

no sounds around,

darkness closes in like a tomb –

when despair takes over.

Across the night sky,

dark gray clouds roll in,

just before a storm,

with spidery fingers of lightning –

just before the clash of thunder is heard.

Black is unknown,

gazing into the darkness,

as spirits fly about.

Hands reaching out from beyond,

black shrouds of darkness,

like spilled ink,

dripping over all,

nothing beyond,

just velvety blackness,

lit only by the stars and the moon.

It seems to be stretching into eternity,

waiting for the dawn to come soon –

fade this one to black.

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Rasma Raisters

I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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