Enemies, But Not By My Measure

Enemies, But Not By My Measure
Enemies, But Not By My Measure

Fluid my thoughts,
nefarious thoughts held at my periphery,
bound by my choice of rejection,
as others try to pervade my dreams,
draw the shadows
from my dark possibilities,
yet I restrained from response sit idle by,
waiting for them to desist,
for wane they must from my stand.

They sit like distant shadows,
freed from the reality of their making,
alone and lifeless,
starving but for the light they will not feed,
and I in freedom think not of them,
wasting time within their ill-intent,
as I forgive their dull reasons,
their vile hurtful treasonous affray,
as faint ripples only reach my soul.

My thoughts mine to rule,
my choices mine to deal with consequence,
and I shall not let spiteful souls
a passage into my world,
other than their bleating echoes,
that remind me of choice
and preservation, mine to determine,
and I will not be enticed to lower myself
to negativism, my rage tempered by knowledge.

I allow my ‘enemies’ to be,
not harsh reproach but forgiveness
for their ignorance,
and I stand for better yields of thought,
rather than join their insanity and malice
to feed the demon,
and I let them go free by their own choices,
while I, apart, living by mine,

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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