Mine Alone to Share

Mine Alone to Share
Mine Alone to Share

Temperance qualified in my joy,
as parted so many that came before,
did tempt my all by simpering smiles,
and beguiling the touch so afferent
to imbue this heart as stolen.

Hold back I did, for all that possibility,
when burned of flame so temporary,
and as love’s countenance betrayed,
I pulled back harder, smarter,
till restraint for survival’s sake ensued.

Explicitly I knew, that half love would never do,
yet my soul echoes a profound boon,
that happiness is not bound by a lover true,
rather the love in one’s heart, for all life
and joy my reason without the strife of romance.

Perhaps I had it wrong,
romantic love just a flirtatious tryst gone wrong,
when expectations drive our needs,
and desperation eventually succeeds
in learning the extremes of anticipation.

The core therefore is love for all,
a broader kinder love for life,
where compassion and empathy thrive,
and the self no center of love derived,
just the capability of a heart.

From that very focus
we find our capacity to love one another,
more deeply that the allure of lustful thought,
more trustworthy that pleasure’s gifts,
as we may find purpose within.

There is no romance without abiding love,
and there is no joy without selfless being,
and all that I can be, even alone,
is attainable through love’s scope,
not the pointed needs of pleasure.

In temperance I remain,
for finding truth in hearts is not easy,
but without it I will remain alone,
content and filled with happiness,
as is mine alone to share.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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