Manifesto…the only way to live

Manifesto...the only way to live
Manifesto…the only way to live

Freedom does not exist
tethered to a world of capitalism,
the propaganda instilled from birth,
the rewards so alluring, yet fleeting,
and happiness is a lost concept,
when entangled in the construct of ownership.

We tread the path assigned,
blind to the ruse of structured life,
where acquisition seems a fitting path
to secure one’s family and fate,
yet there is no security in money,
no security in economies.

In fact a capitalistic world
is far more prone to war
and the preservation of acquired
lands and assets,
and to this end struggle dominates:
classes, races, ideologies and countries.

Democracy has soured,
in every country on earth,
because no democracy is free
from the hidden powers that rule
beyond the voice of the people,
in which the people have no say.

Corruption walks every hall of government,
agendas from those with wealth and power,
force decisions and actions to preserve
not countries but individuals,
in a play for further wealth
and supreme power, unopposed.

The truth is a lie in convenient clothing,
as common knowledge is a hindrance,
and cannot be controlled,
therefore we are fed lies to placate our questions,
silence our doubts and to give reason
to governments who push patriotism
and blind righteousness.

The only voice we have is within us,
to choose a positive path of belief and spirituality,
despite those who rule,
we can only abide by love and compassion
for a world truly lost in religions and ideologies
that impede our consciousness.

As imperfect beings we can understand
the avarice that people adopt,
and in a way understand their worship
of power and money,
yet none affords lasting happiness,
the shallow pleasures they acquire, fleeting.

The only way to live,
transcends all political ideologies,
all religions and striving for acquisition,
its simply to choose happiness,
a living of spiritual peace and love,
accepting physical life in grace and sharing.

Without empathy and compassion,
we become those who control us,
who seek just physical pleasures,
shallow and without meaning
they cast shadows over our potential,
and our only defense is to find a spiritual path.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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