Is It Me, or Is It You? a Writer’s Dilemma

Is It Me or Is It You? A Writer's Dilemma
Is It Me or Is It You? A Writers Dilemma

Is it me or is it you,
I can’t speak or you can’t hear the truth,
and never the twain shall meet,
when thoughts austere
meet fluffy clouds of denial,
the style does not matter,
reality of no measure,
when words are spoken,
and no-one wants to listen.

A lesson learned,
when I discern the value of truth,
and so many cannot hear the knell,
cannot abide a truth that lights
the darkness now embraced,
encased in veils of delusion,
to uphold the self imagined,
the truth cannot be mentioned,
for fear of self-deception.

I speak for many,
those who remain open,
not afraid to seek within their truth,
and others they are in fear,
what could open the shadows near,
and that I understand,
we all must be ready to be open
to the reality of our lives,
what drives us and tears us apart.

So for all that just don’t get me,
no problem at all, forget me,
when a writer assumes an audience,
it backfires every time,
for connections we must make in life,
and sometimes they aren’t there,
just the strife of misunderstanding,
words passing without care,
in the open ended thoughts of someone else.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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