Dark Night Coming Down

Dark Night Coming Down on That Fateful Halloween …

dark night
Dark Night Coming Down on That Fateful Halloween …

Deep in the ancient dark forest so dense,
It survived by sleeping there for ages
In its grotesque and evil horror, whence
The thing first began its many stages,

Of breaking out free from many cages,
And destroying the high great iron fence,
Long ago built strongly, was meant to be
To keep the evil thing from roaming free.

A dark night coming down when it was born
On a Halloween night inside the crypts,
When escape from the land so battle torn,
From an immortal father it was spawned.

A lovely and fair mother so forlorn,
Gave birth to a child, burst forth from her hips,
It tore her apart, she it did devour,
Father came in and saw the thing had power.

His beloved bride once so beautiful,
Who was a mortal, so gentle and fair,
Now was just a gory pile of offal,
All that remained untouched, her golden hair.

Grieving father tied her hair to his belt,
And angrily glared at the monster child,
Bloodied and loudly sucking on her whey,
Child’s eyes lit up, its arms upheld, “Padre!”

The bereaved father chained monster child
Tightly flat to his warrior shield,
Wrapped it in mother’s robe, it went wild,
Angry father to cries would not yield.

He took his burden so heavy laden
With great heartache and anger, fast he rode
Deep into the distant dense dark forest
Deaf to wild cries, he laid it to rest.

Furiously dug a hole wide and deep,
He then bricked up the lonely and dark pit,
And he laid his monster child down to sleep,
Standing tall he prayed, and there he left it.

Grieving father sent warriors forthwith,
To build crypts upon crypts, a fence, and keep
His sad secret, each to sign oath in blood,
Never would the grisly night e’er be told.

Years went by, father never did he age,
Grieved still with memories of his beloved,
And the monster child within its cage,
With the long braided golden hair he slept.

The monster child finally did break free,
It stretched huge arms up to the moon so bright,
On a Halloween night it did cry loudly “Padre!”
It sniffed the air, began to seek his way.

Found a small village with many people
Out and about, fast he began to feast,
Upon women, whether young or feeble,
Many men beat and chased the montrous beast.

To a castle it found its way, and stood
In the courtyard and called to its Padre,
Warriors surrounded it and all would
Kill it, but immortal king yelled out, “Nay!”

The mighty King approached the monstrous beast,
Upon the monster’s chest his own shield,
Remembered the night of the monster’s feast,
His deadly sword from sheath he did wield,

And swiftly cut off monster child’s head,
As tears of both flowed and ran with the blood.
He laid the body upon a pyre,
And had it burned in a roaring fire.

On a dark night coming down that Halloween.

© 2017 Phyllis Doyle Burns

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Phyllis Doyle Burns

I have always liked to write. It is important to me that writing comes from my heart and soul. When writing poetry, if I do not feel a spiritual connection to what I am writing on, I will discard it and go on to something I can connect with on a spiritual level. I live in the moment, I write from the past or beyond the veil. When writing fiction I go with whatever inspires me at the moment - it could be funny, sorrowful, romantic or sometimes done with the use of colloquial language from mountain folk or other cultural regions. I began writing content online in 2007, starting with BellaOnline - A Voice For Women, where I was the Native American Editor, Folklore & Mythology Editor, and the Appalachian Editor. I also wrote articles for The Examiner, Daily Two Cents, and Yahoo. I am a freelance writer for Fiverr. I am currently an author on HubPages, a member/author of the Maven Coalition, and Senior Editor and an author for The Creative Exiles. Most of what I write takes a lot of research and I love it. Even if it is a fictional story, I will research for accuracy in whatever it takes to make my characters, their era, their location, etc. become realistic to the reader. I hope you enjoy my works. Thank you for visiting.

8 thoughts on “Dark Night Coming Down

  • October 29, 2017 at 12:05 AM

    A gruesome and chilling tale of a monster child of pure evil. So well versed and told with dark imagery and fine phrasing. Well done Phyllis. Another great write for Halloween.

  • October 29, 2017 at 8:22 AM

    This is a perfect write for the coming Halloween – thanks for sharing Phyllis.

  • October 29, 2017 at 11:09 AM

    Somebooooody’s………………getting in the witching mood ! Great poem Phyllis !

    • October 29, 2017 at 3:15 PM

      Thank you, Ed. Glad you enjoyed it. We have a lot of Halloween posts this month and it is fun to read them. Take care.

  • November 5, 2017 at 3:18 AM

    Halloween has left us now, but I had to read this poem. I loved it Phyllis, particular the satire in places. Rhyming phrase is not my genre at all, much of my poetry is penned from life experiences. I will be certain to try to learn from you.

    • November 5, 2017 at 11:12 AM

      Hi Annette. I am so glad you enjoyed this poem. I often prefer free verse over rhyming, yet sometimes a rhyme just takes hold and I have no choice but to comply and let it flow. Sometimes I have to search for the best word by typing ‘rhymes with …” in my search engine to find the best one. Rhyme Zone is my favorite site to visit. Thank you so much for your kind comment.


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