Contrast and Choice in Woven Life

Contrast and Choice in Woven Life
Contrast and Choice in Woven Life

Woven Life…

Polish those threads of silk,
cleanse their colors pure,
for the fibers of life recuse
the tainted beauty used,
and I see with clarity
the encroaching hate so vile,
that clouds an innocent life,
intuitive enough to vie
for freedom.

I must forgive their narcissism,
understand their reason,
perhaps a lesson I must learn,
to win an unencumbered freedom,
yet I hold no malice,
in fact feel sorry for their plight,
a life so filled with the negative,
no happiness affords their right,
their delusions.

So I polish those silken threads,
the beauty already held,
and dust away those coarse fibers
that muddy life did meld,
and into the weave of lives,
threads accepted or expelled,
simple or complex, colored or dull,
lives carefully weaving reality,
reality weaving hell.

And those of coarse dull threads,
cannot detract from beauty,
it just defines the colored silk,
the purity of its duty,
and lost those souls who darkness wield,
spite and anger a paltry shield,
never can they accomplish yield,
just a shadow that they cast,
a fading pointless aftermath.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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