A Child’s Halloween

Skipping along humming a tune,

having a fun Halloween time,

the child lost his candy sack,

looking about, running to and fro –

Oh my! A cackling witch was holding it!

Oh, give me, give me,

the child begged,

the witch hopped on her broom

and rose up in the night sky,

dropping the sack,

at the child’s feet..

On to the next house,

a ding and a dong

and trick-or-treat,

two, three doors or four,

the child lost the sack once more.

Looking about, up and down –

Oh my! This time it had been taken

by a grinning bag of bones!

Mr. Bones waved it high in the air,

did a shuffle to and fro.

Oh give me, give me,

the child begged

and Mr. Bones disappeared..

Where he had once stood,

the bag of candy was,

on went the child,

coming upon a cemetery,

lit up by a gloomy Halloween moon.

There upon a tombstone,

glowing green,

sat the King of Halloween.

His eyes red, his teeth white and sharp,

Count Dracula beckoned to the child –

Let me see what treats you have.

Enough of this,

eyes wide, face pale,

the child clutching his sack,

ran and ran,

until a werewolf began to howl,

snarling and growling,

beside the child he ran.

Once safely behind closed doors

and mom’s embrace,

the child spent an uneasy night.

In the bright light of day,

the only witness – the candy sack,

full of treats waiting to be eaten,

and a note –

hope you had a Happy Halloween –

Witch Hazel, Mr. Bones, Drac and Wolfie.

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I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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