The Provocation of Intellect

The Provocation of Intellect
The Provocation of Intellect

Who stands provocative,
stands to face their own inadequacies,
and in that arrogance of stance,
the tipping of balance,
that in the course of time
will create recompense.

Leaders may scoff and in tirades of insult,
enlist egos to a future assault,
but who will be the victor
when so much at stake, tis we poor fools
en masse the sufferance of their mistakes.

War has no place in a technological world,
for the push of one button
could end all life, desecrate and unfurl darkness,
and no victor is known, just death
in a parade of the lies sewn.

Who stands provocative is mindless,
and who responds in kind a child,
for this world needs neither,
and egos cannot make gestures for mankind,
when all we want is peace.

The cost of war is great,
the cost of leadership awry, incalculable,
so why have we leaders who cannot lead,
moguls who have no compassion,
and a world owned by textbook narcissists?

Perhaps we do not deserve this world,
we have so betrayed it,
and those who are seated in the halls of power
seem unlikely to change,
so what hope do we have
when world leaders sit squabbling in a sandpit?

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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