With Pleasured Glee Consume

With Pleasured Glee Consume
With Pleasured Glee Consume

Come lay upon the grass
beside me,
and taste the nectar
of air’s sweet breath,
within, life abounds
from its sustenance,
a sacred inhalation,
from the austerity of death,
and truly see what I see,
in the shadows of the clouds,
passing by in reverence
to the endless sky surrounds,
and wonder upon their perfect forms,
their whispered sighs of coming storms,
and feel the grass beneath us,
its plush green bed like down.

The warmth of sun, unpretentious,
we, to bask so grateful in its light,
the breeze so complimentary,
to cool us from its plight,
and each breathe just delivers
a heart to feel at ease,
within this timeless bubble
in nature’s symphony,
and sounds like tiny rustles
of grasses, branch and seed,
dancing in the lilting winds
in joyous revelry,
while birds rise up and swoop
to catch an insect feast,
their trails like blustered clouds,
skating blue, appease.

And we as one
beneath the vast and endless blue,
can only see what crowns our day,
what blessings have ensued,
for here upon the earth,
spinning fast but not disconcert,
we know not our troubled minds,
just wisps of wind and clear blue skies,
to lull our minds to contentment,
and breath our only need,
love with no resentment,
can change our hearts
and open wide the doubts we hide,
to blissful peace resume,
and relish all that is in life,
and with pleasured glee consume.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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