In Springs Attention

In Springs Attention
In Springs Attention

You have my attention….

The citrus bite of mandarin,
orange green spotted pleasure,
adorns the season of fading grey,
as Spring infuses measure.

And sprouts on bow unfurl in kind,
my fig and trees of deciduous
rhyme, in wondrous blooms of growth,
as sun dusts blossoms and evergreens of scope.

Treasured they be,
these soul refreshed and vibrant greens,
with spotted streets of striking pinks,
the burgeoning fruits to be.

The air is crisp under pallid sun,
yet warmth enough a season begun,
and skies do clear to endless hues of blue,
rejoicing clouds as pillows pass in review.

One cannot attest the beauty enough,
the time of birth and newness as much
the beating of my heart,
the beginning of the start of renewal.

How I love the Spring,
each moment as new as life is in moments,
so held of heart and warm to feel,
the sun begun to dry its winter’s eye
and steal my whole attention.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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