Happiness Is?

Happiness Is?
Happiness Is?

Happiness is a decision…

The simplicity of happiness eludes most people, for most spend their lives chasing those things that they believe will make them happy: love, money, jobs, possessions, status, power etc. The stark truth is that nothing at all makes us happy, we are either happy or not.

The delusion that striving to attain what will make us happy, is no more than a ruse. And the more we accomplish, the more we realize that what we thought would transcend our life eventually becomes the norm, and ultimately mundane. The disappointment you would think would change our strategy, but more often than not, we then fixate on another pursuit in order to make us happy. Of course it does not.

So what is this profound secret to happiness, you ask. Acceptance and a simple decision. The only reality we know is this moment, and in this moment we choose either to be one thing or another. We may choose to be worried, about bills, about getting that new job or if there’s enough money to pay that electricity bill, but that is our choice. We cannot be in the past or the future so living in this moment is really all we can do. So if we choose to be happy in this moment, we will be happy for life, because life is just a series of moments, and living in the now is being present, aware of life itself.

Acceptance is important because the delusion of something making us happy, can lead us to paths unwanted. If we truly accept now, our life in all its aspects and decide to be grateful and happy in it, there is no other need. We may wish our circumstances better, but if we do not accept what we have now and appreciate it, we will never appreciate anything else, better or not. It’s all about perspective.

The whole process of desire, of wanting something, is entrenched in the reality of unhappiness. We are saying that we need this to be happy and so that is saying we are not happy. That process accounts for so many people, as we have been taught to strive, to want more, to better ourselves, but all along that teaches us that we are unhappy and need these things to attain happiness.

Accept where we are, because this moment is the only place we can be, and in being here we should choose to be happy and appreciate what we have not matter to what degree. For what future will we have if we choose to be unhappy in this moment of now? We choose more of the same and the cycle goes on. Choose to be happy, now, it’s simple and our choice to make.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “Happiness Is?

  • September 10, 2017 at 8:49 PM

    Nailed it Tony – we’re either happy or not, it’s a choice! Even though we get moments of discord, the happy people stay happy generally

  • September 10, 2017 at 9:19 PM

    Glad you related Ralph, its very simple but people generally confuse the issue. have a great day!

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