I walked some hallways in my dream,
So many doors,
Which door will I open,
Which one will warmly welcome me in?
Only one is right
For me to enter,
I quiver, yet know one
Will show me kind love.

Please open to me,
No harm I intend, just love,
To give, no expectations
Do I seek within
The one open to me,
Please trust me I pray,
Know I come with love,
For me to ask for nothing in return.

My heart is open, holds only truth,
Vulnerable am I now,
Yet I fear not,
For I know myself, my spirit well,
I have known love before, been hurt,
Because I wanted the same return,
It was not to be,
In my corner I hid.

Now my soul is set free,
My wings will not break again,
For what I have learned,
Is to not want, only enjoy
Each moment of connection and abide,
With what is given,
I expect no miracles, nothing at all
Love is in my heart to stay.

I hold that love safely and truly, come what may,
It resides eternally within me,
I accept and love all that is there within him,
For I see a heart so kind,
And what is to be will be.
I walked some hallways in my dream,
So many doors,
Which door will I open,
Which one will warmly welcome me in?


© 2017 Phyllis Doyle Burns


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Phyllis Doyle Burns

I have always liked to write. It is important to me that writing comes from my heart and soul. When writing poetry, if I do not feel a spiritual connection to what I am writing on, I will discard it and go on to something I can connect with on a spiritual level. I live in the moment, I write from the past or beyond the veil. When writing fiction I go with whatever inspires me at the moment - it could be funny, sorrowful, romantic or sometimes done with the use of colloquial language from mountain folk or other cultural regions. I began writing content online in 2007, starting with BellaOnline - A Voice For Women, where I was the Native American Editor, Folklore & Mythology Editor, and the Appalachian Editor. I also wrote articles for The Examiner, Daily Two Cents, and Yahoo. I am a freelance writer for Fiverr. I am currently an author on HubPages, a member/author of the Maven Coalition, and Senior Editor and an author for The Creative Exiles. Most of what I write takes a lot of research and I love it. Even if it is a fictional story, I will research for accuracy in whatever it takes to make my characters, their era, their location, etc. become realistic to the reader. I hope you enjoy my works. Thank you for visiting.

6 thoughts on “Hallways

  • September 9, 2017 at 9:12 PM

    Nicely emotive and well penned Phyllis. It is said that desire or want is a statement of unhappiness, not being satisfied by life. That reality is the cause of all our suffering. The answer to love and all thought is to just be; what is for us will surely arrive in our state of openness, and no matter what that is we must remain grateful and experience with joy that which is placed before us. That is freedom of heart and mind. Cheers!

  • September 10, 2017 at 5:21 PM

    Hallways and doorways hold a fascination for me not only with my writings, but also my photography. They always led to something new – maybe a new adventure or even a new sadness. I enjoyed this very much Phyllis and it actually gave me an inspiration… Thank you.

    • September 10, 2017 at 8:10 PM

      Thank you, Kurt. I am so glad it gave you an inspiration. I also have a fascination with hallways and doors, especially in old buildings. I have seen some very beautiful doors in ancient stone walls (in photos) and they intrigue me, I want to go through to see what is inside. Thanks again and take care.

  • September 12, 2017 at 2:34 PM

    I too am drawn to hallways Phyllis. Especially the kind that have a mystique to them. I’ve had many doors opened to me in my life thus far, some I closed in haste, some I walked through and found myself led to another fork in my road, the journey never ends. Hallways and doors are definitely inspiring for many of us poets. I see this in your wonderful illuminating verse. I hope you choose wisely my friend and that illusive door you search for opens wide and receives you with love, kindness and truth. Let your heart be open to new adventures and may your hallway lead you to many of them.

    • September 12, 2017 at 5:26 PM

      Oh, Vincent, such a lovely and kind wish you have for me and wonderful comment. I am so pleased you enjoyed the verse. Yes, hallways with a mystique to them are intriguing. So many doors we may have to open in life. May yours open to the same you wish for me, love, kindness and truth. Thank you very much, Vincent, for your kind, caring words.


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