Reason is Not Enough

Reason is Not Enough
Reason is Not Enough

Reason is enough,
yet justification is ambivalent,
twisted to fit
within the bounds of belief,
within the very fashioning
of minds illusions,
and so reason placates itself in worth,
ground to a smooth and slippery surface,
as we manifest our beliefs
and call it truth.

Reason is a corrupted process,
our accounting of viable lies,
while we bask in the light of fantasy,
to bring delusion to a head,
and render it reality,
for the sake of our own credibility,
but we are imperfect,
and our sub-plots are many,
sub-conscious workings of self-ascension,
and the acceptance of superiority.

Yet in our carefully constructed scenarios,
we script ourselves to a character we are not,
one we wish to be,
and in that delusion we remain,
if we do not recognize
our inner desires and expectations,
and the reason we use so coldly,
to render ourselves worthy
of our own expectations,
not the truth of our inadequacies.

Being honest with the self is a rarity,
the clouding of delusions a commonality,
and in this we just impede our own learning,
stagnate the soul deserved of better,
and the more we loose ourselves
in the fantasies of ego’s pleasure,
the less we are able to return to truth,
the lies becoming ingrained in our minds
to the point of belief,
and an arrogant acceptance of self above truth.

Being true to the self,
accepting the good and the bad is indeed rare,
and deception is rife on earth,
the very process that brings humanity to its knees,
and the future uncertain,
if only we could accept ourselves
for what we are,
and know that we can learn to be better,
without pretending it were so,
and in that inner peace,
give life more meaning with a balanced acceptance.

We are like pebbles washed
and in time smoothed within a stream,
life and its understanding is acquired slowly,
and deceiving ourselves
into thinking we are more than we are,
is a travesty, a harmful illusion
that creates strife and limits in experience,
when all we have to do is be honest,
love who we are despite fault,
then, and only then, we can learn.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “Reason is Not Enough

  • August 26, 2017 at 11:18 PM

    Yes, we must be honest with ourselves and embrace who we are, our faults as well as our good qualities. To live a life of delusion is so damaging to the self and to others who want to know us. We cannot ‘reason’ who we are, we must know who we are. Great work, Tony.


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