This Opportunity We Call Life

The Opportunity We Call Life
The Opportunity We Call Life

Opportunity is ours….

One of the greatest lessons in life is humility. And when age and wisdom affords us a better perspective of life, understanding the human condition and the play of action and consequence, we may well be tempted to judge that which we see. There lies the rub, the ironic reality that although we may see truth in an enlightened state, we may still falter by judging what we see. This of course is ignorance because it is not up to us to judge anything, rather observe the choices people make in life and try to understand the reasoning.

We are imperfect creatures, prone to learned biases and predilections that thoughtlessly take a stance after what we believe we see. From a spiritual point of view it is wise to become the observer and to try to understand the circumstances of peoples choices and unfortunately for them, the consequences. Earthly life for me is about learning, and consistently living a life of judgement keeps us tethered to lower thought and less able to ascend to a more spiritual life. If this is what we want, then judgement must be replaced with compassion for those who don’t understand what they choose and why they act as they do.

We may label people with names: selfish, narcissistic, lazy, negative of whatever, but that is all too easy to deduce when we don’t know how they came to be like they are. Some people are toxic, and for whatever reason it is wise to be removed from their influence. But being dismissive without at least trying to understand their experiences, is not only unfair to them, but unfair to ourselves in assuming truth in judgement.

The spiritual path is not easy, it requires a constant and vigilant thought process that is arduous and at times painful, for what we see and feel in empathy with troubled people. Yet we all have our paths to follow, and being aware of it is to me more advantageous than living blind. The rewards of awareness is great, for we may witness the beauty not just the troubles, and life is filled with miracles if one is open of heart. We are all on different paths at different levels of learning and therefore what we may judge is exactly what we have gone though or will go through in learning. So it is indeed pointless to judge anyone for simply abiding their own chosen path.

Instead, if we all stopped judging people and accepted them for who they are, regardless of any other cultural, racial or circumstantial factors and simply became kind in our approach, live would be very different. I believe we are all facets of our creator, and in essence the same potential to aspire to endless capability. We are no different at core, just different in circumstance, of our birth our culture, race and beliefs, each on a path to the same destination. We are humanity, stricken with imperfection yet an unlimited potential. To realize that potential we just have to look within us, and be humbled by this opportunity we call life.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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