All Sins Accountable

All Sins Accountable
All Sins Accountable

If sin was our destruction,
we’d all be long gone, and
the most we choose to relish
are the sins against ourselves, our wrongs,
for sin is just a moral judgement,
a mere perception of our deeds,
and the more we judge,
the more we bleed,
the more we all succeed, in failure.

The scale of human endeavour
is incrementally judged of worth,
from sins of lies and deception,
to taking lives and worse,
but in the end the paths we choose
resolve our petty transgressions,
recompense in balance makes,
a learning of perceptions
and how we damn ourselves.

There is no wrong, there is no right,
just an accepted social scale,
and whether we adhere the rules
or stray in blatant betrayal,
there is a consequence,
a pain and price to pay,
that is our learning, our choices in life,
a path of pain and strife
or in balance life prevail.

Morality is not mandatory,
but life in balance is,
and whether we choose
one way or the other,
determines our experience,
the learning and some lessons harsh,
will surely reveal how life is,
and if it is wise to transgress
from a soul in growth.

Life is choice,
and who are we to judge,
each one of us sins inherent,
hidden lies and things we’ve done,
for our judgement means little,
as life itself will seek balance
and recompense in its play,
each and every soul accountable,
for the choices gone astray.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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2 thoughts on “All Sins Accountable

  • August 14, 2017 at 6:52 AM

    Indeed life is certainly choice, we are the captain of our souls. Sin is one of many choices humans have, whether or not we want to swim in them daily or avoid them like the plague. It’s impossible to not sin in some shape or form, mankind inherited sin according to the Holy Bible, however our very nature is sinful. Sin comes in so many forms, I try my best to be moderate and avoid it, yet I know my soul will sin. Is it wrong to sin? depends on another’s point of view. But your correct Tony, all sin is accountable and we possibly will be judged for them, no matter Big or Small. Nicely penned sir.

  • August 14, 2017 at 6:47 PM

    I guess its all about perspective and in the end we are accountable. Glad you related and enjoyed my thoughts Vincent. Cheers!


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