Soul For Sale

This wretched soul …

Sell Your Soul

Come one, come all

Place your bids for this wretched soul

It will be yours to do as you please, yours to control

Come folks, come with cash in hand

Come take this hell bound demon off my hand

His soul is filthy, stained with his evil deeds

Who will make the first bid on this piece of disease?

Yes Sir, I see your mark, 50 schillings you say

Bahh, is that all you will bid on this holy day?

You mam, what was that 100 shillings I hear?

Mmmm, I will be more than happy to hand him to you my dear

Is there anyone else willing to buy this wretched being?

Come folks, let the bids fly and don’t be mean


100 schillings, will that be it for today

Such a small amount that is to pay

“500 shillings I say!”

“What? Who in the crowd spoke? Raise your hand let me see.”

Ahhh, most kind sir, 500 schillings it will be

“1000 Schillings I bid, I need that boy’s soul.”

“Innocent or evil, I want it Mr. Foul.”

My tongue taste a sale.

An old soul to sell, dirty and stale.

Yes my good man, going once, going twice, going three times

Sold! To the gentleman with the long hat.



As I was been disposed of I looked up to the heavens and begged forgiveness, but he turned a deaf ear

But what have I done so wrong, for me to be here?

I have done nothing that many in heaven have not done and have been forgiven for

Maybe I am his example to those taken grace for granted and going a bit too far

Take me up above the firmament into that place you have prepared

The great deep is not for me, Father I am scared


Wash me of all my transgression and make me whole again

Let me circle your glory like you’re brightest luminous.

Do you hear me?

Is it too late for Mercy?

The silence deafened my ears as a cold hand gripped mine

It was the winner of the bid, The Demon with a sinister smile

“Come now my child, you belong to me now, I have so many things for you to pleasure me”

A weakness came over and I fell to my knees.

The Demon slapped a fiery chain around my neck

And dragged me to hell, there was regret in every step

I was now his eternal slave, for now he has my soul

My eternal price to pay

Only if I had known

Clive Williams
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