Love and a Cup of Coffee

It’s quite splendid to awake with things of Joy

A face of beauty, with the fresh scent of coffee is my amor.

I sit by the balcony, while the morning breeze caresses my face

Watching her essence bringing light and brightening the place

I love when she brews up a strong one and gently pours it in my favorite mug

While she does that she looks me in the eyes and her stair is like a calming hug

We sit together and reach across and touch by finger tips

The passion of that touch is similar to a deep morning kiss

As I drink I begin to look back at the day when we first met

Back at that old coffee shop in Ireland, was where my heart swept

Me and my cup of coffee and her writing poems

My interest made me approach love and the rest is history my friends


40 years later, we repeat love the very same way

Enjoying my coffee on the balcony while she lets her thoughts play

We are old lovers, yes, really old

But we understand what it takes to appreciate, to love and to hold

If I had gotten the opportunity to do things another way, there is simply nothing I would change

I would still have made that mistake which cost me my job, which lead me to that beautiful place

I will forever look forward to morning like these

Love, coffee and the sweet morning breeze.


Clive Williams
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