Words Spill in Many Ways

Words Spill in Many Ways
Words Spill in Many Ways

Spill from lips…

Words like crystal cascades,
fall from lips to find the flow
of lower catchments,
the stillness to imbue
the meaning to warm resound.

Yet muddy words,
dissipate quickly from flow,
undeserved to know their harsh intent,
and so they can never find
the stillness of warmth, meant.

Words of vilification,
cut air like a blade,
and linger far after the flow has passed,
and in aftermath pervade in darkness,
the foul intent of malignancy.

Words may in vast array,
mean many things,
to open hearts, to justify a means,
and in extremes to cause pain,
blame in desperate plea of hurt.

But words of truth have wings,
and soar above everything,
to glimmer their power of meaning
and resolve our constant gleaning,
to understand the world.

Words that find beauty,
are delicate and pervade a heart with love,
move mountains, quell seas,
and in heartfelt forms,
adorn a mind to experience the sublime,
the meaning in all we are.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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