The Inevitable Learning

The Inevitable Learning
The Inevitable Learning

Human conflict is inevitable,
imperfection a path of emotional chaos,
and given the drive of our beliefs and ideals,
’tis no wonder there is no lasting peace.

Our slow evolution is like
watching grass grow,
weeds scattered and thorny thistles a many,
and so invested in the ingratiation of self,
we follow not the path of plenty.

Struggle, striving for wealth,
the ego a source of pain
and the consequence of failure,
for we cannot abide two gods in life,
only love and a spiritual mind
can rise above strife.

The physical life must be maintained,
but not at the expense
of compassion and the heart,
for love and spirituality is the basis
of a higher consciousness,
our direction unfurled.

Wealth exists within beauty,
the warmth of the heart in sharing
and the natural wonders within which we live,
and in that we are blessed,
shown in doubtless cause
the potential bestowed in bliss.

How can we not see the folly
in pursuits of gain,
when consequence reveals to us the falling,
and how can we not feel for the suffering of humanity,
when misery knocks, a calling,
to lead us to the delusion of possessions
and loveless life.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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4 thoughts on “The Inevitable Learning

  • June 29, 2017 at 3:43 AM

    Tony, if we don’t know love ourselves how can we love others satisfactorily. Some love money and possessions above all else. I feel sad for those people. Nice poem.


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