Special Kind of Love

Isn’t it funny?

How the sun

always comes out

when the rain is done?

A special kind of love,

is always heaven sent,

blessed by angels from above.


These were some of the things,

that she liked to think,

just silly nonsense –

when a woman’s in love.


He was her handsome cowboy,

so rough yet tender.

He’d take her in his arms

and cradle her like a baby.


He bought her roses,

yellow and bright,

like the sun –

in a brilliant blue sky.


He’d play the guitar

and sing her a song,

to make her smile –

as evening shadows chased the day away.


He’d sing of her red hair,

as red as the rising sun,

of her blue eyes

and lips like strawberries covered by dew.


When the dark of night rode in,

he’d tenderly kiss her,

lay her on a bed of rose petals

and gently love her.


Whenever he had to go away,

her trembling heart would flutter,

it was like when clouds –

hid the sun away.


But then he’d rush back,

to her great delight,

with tender embraces –

saying I love you.


She always felt,

like such a little girl,

in the arms of this man –

who took her breath away.


Together they were quite a pair,

the slender woman and the tall man,

hand in hand they’d stroll,

always loving one another.


He promised her the stars,

to shine like diamonds,

round her slender neck –

to set her eyes aglow.


She promised to love him,

always be true,

he was the one –

she’d waited for forever.


They both knew,

that the day they met,

the angels up in heaven,

knew they were made for one another.


They vowed their love,

till the end of time,

to spend eternity –

waltzing among the stars.

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I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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