Sinister Curse Mystery , Conclusion

Sinister Curse Mystery

sinister curse mystery

Part One: Sinister Curse This Side of Dawn, Winds of Hell

Part Two: Sinister Curse, Paranormal Investigators


Sinister Curse Mystery

Jeff hung up the phone. “I don’t believe it! Harmon agreed to meet us at Gistlewood Manor. He said he is very familiar with it. He grew up in that area and is anxious to see it again. He warned me that there is a sinister curse mystery on the place. You were spot on, Sally. And he said it is a real mystery, even to him.” They all looked at him, wanting to hear more. Doug had just made a fresh pot of coffee and took it to the round table where they all sat down.

“Tell us more about this sinister curse mystery,” Josie had placed all the photos on the table and handed each person copies of the manor’s floor plans for all four floors along with a history of the families who had lived there over the centuries. There was no mention in the paperwork of a sinister curse mystery.

“Well, that’s all Harmon said about it, that he is very glad we invited him along. He wants to have a chance to be there with a descendant to help solve the mystery. The place has been empty since he was a little boy. So, that has been about fifty years, he said. He will tell us all he knows when he meets us at the manor Wednesday morning.”

“Wednesday? Darn! I am too anxious to get there. I want to go tomorrow.” Josie was discouraged. Jeff thought it would be okay to go ahead. It would be just the one night to spend there before Harmon arrived.

Josie was so excited she could hardly contain herself. Here they were, the whole team, on the way to her own estate. Sally and Doug rode with her, Jeff and Darren followed in the pickup with all the equipment. They had left early. The trip would take just a little over one hour.

They were impressed with small town of Gistlewood. It had two supermarkets and all the shops and businesses of a much larger town. Plus there was one street called Old Towne Mall, which was the original village, with unique shops. Josie and Sally got excited over two interesting bead shops. They were both really into beading.

When they reached the edge of town, Josie pulled off the street into a parking lot. Right up above was the manor and she was stunned by its size and overwhelming presence. Jeff pulled in and parked next to them. When they got out no one said a word for a few minutes. They were in awe and as stunned as Josie was. Doug started taking photos, his camera clicking like crazy. He was a professional photographer and took pics from every angle he could. “I’ll find a room in the manor to set up for a dark room and get these photos developed as soon as possible,” he was astounded at the atmosphere of the manor. More like a castle than a manor, he thought.

sinister curse mystery


They all ran into the supermarket and bought enough foods and beverages to last them for at least two days. When they pulled up to the front of the manor they got out and stared in awe. “Wow! Security cameras all over the place, all around the building,” Doug said. “I saw them in the photos I took !”

“Well, good thing,” I would not want to inherit a dump or even sleep in one tonight,” Josie was very pleased. She pulled the keys to the manor out of her bojo bag. “Good grief! There must be a hundred keys on that ring!” Sally tapped on them. “At least! But, I am not going to carry them around. They are each labeled and I’ll lock them up in our office. On a round table in the entry was a large envelope addressed to Josie, it was from her estate attorneys. She opened it and read the letter out loud. It basically told her to rest assured all bed and bath linens are fresh. Basically all is ready for ” the convenience of you and your fellow employees.” There were legal papers and contact papers for housekeepers, etc.

“How did they know we were all coming?” Jeff asked. Josie smiled. “They advised I not visit the estate alone and to not live here alone. I guess because it is so huge and a bit isolated from town. I told them we would all visit.” She walked around the entry touching everything. Jeff turned away from the elaborate staircase that went up to a wide landing then continued up on both sides in an elegant curve. “You tricked us into coming by insisting you would do it alone!” He teased Josie.

When all their gear and personal items were unloaded and sat in the entry hall they found the kitchen and fixed sandwiches. They studied the map copies they each had and made notes. “Okay,” Jeff grabbed a napkin and wiped his hands and face off after he wolfed down a sandwich. “We all stay together and start at the north end of each floor.”

First thing they did was locate the elevator behind the kitchen that had been installed fifteen years ago.

“Let’s check our packs to make sure cameras, recorders and flashlights are ready and we have fresh batteries, then we’ll get started. I can already sense a lot of spirits here, but nothing evil … yet.” They all agreed on that, in fact Darren was already recording and taking photos of the kitchen. “At least one spirit here. A dominant, but benevolent one.”

Four hours later they were back down in the main kitchen. The second floor seemed to be clear of any spirits and the way it was set up would be perfect for their PPI business. It was the two upper floors where the paranormal activity was strong, especially the fourth floor where all the bedrooms were. On the third floor, where all the families over centuries had spent most their time, the crew detected a lot of spirits filled with fear and sorrow. The kitchen there was small, but fully usable. Even though the fourth floor had a few malevolent spirits, they each chose the bedroom they wanted.

After a much needed dinner and a lot of planning, the crew was ready to turn in for the night. The guys had set up temporary alarms from the bedrooms leading out to the hall, just in case someone needed help.

That night is when Josie experienced her first sinister curse mystery, a terrifying time for her. And she had no time to hit the alarm button.

At 7′ 2″, Harmon is an imposing and commanding figure. Wide shoulders were a little stooped from having to bend over to get through most doors, but, his whole physique is well proportioned. His eyes are black and large, making it look like they could bore right through whatever he was looking at. He is a powerful sorcerer and psychic. Doug and Darren could not look Harmon straight in the eye, but Josie and Sally were always fascinated with him. Jeff had known Harmon for years, so never flinched when the sorcerer looked at him. Although he is so large and powerful, he is gentle, with a soft deep voice that mesmerizes most people.

As they all gathered for breakfast, Josie related the horrifying experience she had, just before dawn, with the sinister curse mystery. They were all very concerned for her. Harmon said the mystery will all be cleared and over with tonight, then he spent an hour at least telling them the history of the manor and its original occupants. The story of the execution of Adam Princeton and the four monks who were executed with him was particularly gruesome, since Harmon included the sounds and smells of sizzling flesh, along with the agonizing screams that seemed to go on forever. “Good grief, Harmon,” Josie was shocked, as they all were. “It sounds as if you were right there when it happened.”

Harmon spent some time focusing on a cigar as he clipped and lit it. “Yes,” he blew out a a cloud of fragrant smoke. “Well I have the original journal where every minute of the proceeding was recorded. I have read it so many times it’s all up here, ” He tapped his head and took several puffs on the cigar then pointed it at Josie. “I’ll let you read it some day if you like.”

They spent most of the day setting up all the equipment in Josie’s bedroom. They checked it over and over and ran several tests to see if anything could be detected in the room. The cameras caught several flashes of movement here and there and some indistinguishable voice sounds were on the tapes. Both Sally and Doug could detect a faint smell of sulfur.

When all was ready they retreated to the main kitchen and sat around the table discussing all plans and who would do what. “We need to split into two teams,” Harmon looked at Jeff. “Doug will stay out in the sitting room with you and Sally. Darren will come in with me and Josie.” Jeff was upset. “No! Josie should stay
out here. I’ll go in.” Harmon lowered his head, his eyes glazed. “Josie is a descendant of Adam Princeton. She needs to be present to bring on the sinister curse.” He saw the great concern in Jeff for Josie. “We will chain Josie to the bed post with those nylon cables Darren has and pad them so she won’t be hurt.”

Jeff was upset. “I will go in and take Darren’s place. I want to be there for Josie.” Josie looked at him and felt something strong stirring within. Harmon hesitated, not wanting Jeff in there. “No! There is too much emotion between you and Josie. It might ruin everything. Or … it might cause some harm to Josie. She needs to focus on me. She also needs to focus on interpreting, sending and receiving mental images of messages.” Jeff got up and stormed out the back door. “He will calm down after a good stomping walk,” Harmon smiled at Josie. “When are you two getting married? You must send me an invitation.”

The waiting for midnight was tense. Harmon assured them nothing would happen before two or three in the morning. At midnight they would all go up and make sure all equipment was ready to go in Josie’s room. Until then they each found a place in the lounge to nap.

All was silent in Josie’s bedroom. It was shortly after 3:00 AM. Harmon whispered to Josie, “Stay focused on me as much as you can, my dear.” Then it started, slow with very low audible sounds. This time Josie was more calm, for she was securely chained to the bed post. Harmon put his hand on her
shoulder. “Lock on, my dear. It is going to be a rough ride.” Josie nodded and wrapped her arms and legs around the post.

The winds came up fiercely. Although Josie thought the engulfed the whole room, Harmon and Darren could see the winds were just circling Josie. When flames appeared near her, Josie whispered with fear to Harmon, “Adam Princeton has no power without Fendrel, his counselor. Fendrel is a powerful sorcerer,” her eyes grew wide as she looked at Harmon. He smiled, clasped his hands and nodded at Josie, “I can handle it, my dear,” and stepped close to Josie.

Josie received her first message. “Who are you, Adam asks,” Josie yelled shakily, the wind slamming against her. “My name is Harmon.” Josie eyes were closed. “Fear! I see fear. Fendrel is backing away.”

“Yes, Fendrel, it is me. Your old nemesis, my brother.” Harmon raised his arms as if to throw something invisible towards the flames, which burst up high before fading out to nothing. “Fendrel is gone!” Josie looked surprised.

“Of course he is, my dear. The flames consumed him” Harmon clasped his hands again and looked very peaceful as the flames and winds stopped immediately. “Piece of cake!” It was apparently a piece of cake for Harmon, but Josie passed out from sheer exhaustion. Darren opened the door and was almost flattened by Jeff running in. “Josie!” He scooped her up in his arms after Darren unchained her.

“I have never seen anything like that,” Darren said with wonder. “Yes, well,” Harmon was pleased. “You see, when one encounters an enemy, one turns their own power against them.”

Later, as they all ate breakfast and talked about the sinister curse mystery, which was no longer a mystery and had been broken, Josie remembered something. “You called Fendrel your brother, Harmon?” He finished his coffee before answering, “I did. You see, we were brothers in that lifetime when he was executed with Adam Princeton. I was the one who wrote the journal. I kept reincarnating, waiting to confront Fendrel. This is the first I was able do so, though I have come near before,” Harmon slowly turned his head back and forth. “A shame he is gone. He was quite an exciting playmate.”

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  • June 23, 2017 at 12:27 AM

    A bit long, I know, but it was hard to cut down. A fourth part would take away the impact, I think. Critiques welcome.

  • June 23, 2017 at 12:55 AM

    Well structured and executed Phyllis, your calling as a story teller. great work and very much enjoyed. Cheers!


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