Perfect Reunion for Lost Things


By Exotic Hippie Queen ©06/25/17

“Midnight, a picnic under the stars,  and a little wine with your lost love…
a perfect reunion or the biggest mistake of your life?”


I’ve come to the conclusion…

A perfect life is an illusion.

Desires of the heart will always win.

Like a roaming, black lab on a moonless night,

Or an invisible bird on a midnight flight,

They move quickly, unseen through the din.


A late night picnic on the forest floor…

A blanket laid open, some wine and more

The cool night air made me shiver.

In the still, green dark

Of that vast national park,

Stars hung close to the moon’s silver sliver.


Our eyes locked in perfect harmony

This reunion with cricket’s symphony,

Moonlight trickled down our faces.

       And though our union did fade,

I’m glad our feelings have stayed.

Together, we weathered so many phases.


We shared long, deep conversations

Of life and abstract computations

While dragging on menthol cigarettes…

The orange glow of the tips

As they came up to our lips…

Little fireballs… with glowing regrets.


Questions arose concerning political polls,

Mega bombs and dangerous trolls

That threaten the world that we know.

Then, we began to slow dance in the misty dark

With the ghost of our past igniting the spark,

Both knowing this has nowhere to go.


So I started to say, in no particular way

That my edges are starting to fray.

Time is moving, changing, dying.

Under a cover of moving night clouds

We were talking too fast and laughing too loud

And before too long, we were crying.


Crying and laughing for all we’d been through

Remembering love and the beauty of two,

Some days, I still close my eyes…

How we tumbled together onto our bed…

The magic of you still floats in my head

On the wings of blue dragonflies.


Some things you remember,

Like snow in September,

Things you never forget, set apart

Like the comforting tick of our hallway clock,

The sound of your key in the front door lock,

Moments I hold close to my heart.


A cloud of moths stalked the porch light,

Caught in between the gauzy twilight

And the days careless set of the sun.

We relaxed by the bonfire,

Just like kings of our empire.

How could we know that one day we’d be done?

    The midnight chill now ends our night,

It’s time to catch your red-eye flight,

I dread this moment, truth to tell.

I wish you love, high and wide,

Peace and rest on every side

But most of all, my love, I wish you well.

Exotic Hippie Queen
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Exotic Hippie Queen

I've finally reached that sweet spot in life where I can look back and understand that we become what we live. So what have I become? A wordsmith, a human magnifying glass for the heart, where moments in time are caught up in an alphabetic dream catcher to be examined and later assimilated into the very fiber of our being. Straight A's in school in creative writing, it was always a joy to create a moment that could bring joy to a reader or move another to tears with nothing more than the words racing around in my head. My job is to make you smile, cry, wonder, reminisce, become inspired or learn. Much of my work is autobiographical, though I also enjoy self-help articles and short nonfiction. Divorced, mother of 4, grandmother of 6, I work part-time in healthcare, volunteer with seniors and enjoy a beautiful glass of pinot noir with my closest friends at every opportunity. Peace......

11 thoughts on “Perfect Reunion for Lost Things

  • June 25, 2017 at 9:24 PM

    This was melancholy and touching. It was a simply beautiful read, EHQ. Loved every word.

  • June 25, 2017 at 10:37 PM

    Beautifully emoted and profoundly true. Often our cherished memories of love far exceed the reality. Some lovely phrasing and imagery EHQ and thoroughly enjoyed. Great work.

  • June 26, 2017 at 8:13 AM

    This was a very beautiful piece EHQ. Love conquers all other emotions and leaves us wanting more. Well done.

  • July 10, 2017 at 5:00 PM

    So wonderful to read your work here again. You sent me back in time with your caressing pen, you stirred emotions in me that I felt as well under that silver moon. I’m so happy that my long time memories have not departed this gray matter of mine, can’t say much for the short turn though:-) My heart yearns for those times shared, the touching of one another’s hearts and souls, never to be forgotten. You my dear have a romantic pulse in you, keep up the great writing, you are a talented force and empty your talent right here for all of us to read, more please EHQ.


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