Mother Teaches, Even if We Refuse to See


Mother Teaches, Even if We Refuse to See
Mother Teaches, Even if We Refuse to See

Beneath the elm in shaded nook,
I see not the battle of day,
the struggle for sky in light and cloud, as
above light trickles through leaf and bow,
and all I’ve seen mistook,
as day pervades the distance,
I sit in mother’s shroud,
wanting anonymity,
but shouting out aloud.

My umbrella now weeps,
and I under its holey breach,
dismal in my keep,
holding onto frustrations,
and anger growls its pointless fray,
while nature drowns my sorrows,
and no longer does this nook abide,
my mood and all its quarrels,
but here I sit.

As rain subsides and sun flickers
through those glistening leaves,
light now stretches to the countryside
out of reach,
and I ponder my petty qualms,
my petulant wet performance,
and smile as I realize the day did mirror me,
and wet my spoiled tantrum,
yet shaded me from the storm.

She teaches, even when I refuse to see,
but in reality the truth storms home
and I alone know my limits,
steam my release, holding me in peace
so I may know my own undulations,
and in Mother’s subtle shares,
I care for all I am and what she tries to say,
so I’ll not get in my way,
and blinded be to my own doubts.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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