Holding On, When Everything Says Let Go

Holding On, When Everything Says Let Go
Holding On, When Everything Says Let Go

Hold on, for not all is lost,
just misplaced,
and death is cold, an idle space,
where regret tolls softly in eternity,
and steps beyond the brink of no return,
help not the purpose of living,
and in that wide-eyed vacancy,
no redress is pertinent.

Be not burdened by too much,
the weight of accumulation an unrealistic voice,
panic alone sees not the choices plain,
and endings seem so final
when cessation is all we need,
and blind we are in panic,
forest afore the trees,
when trees need not arise.

Rid that thought, it just darkens shadows,
and life for its travail has gifts,
if only we could see them
when shadows cast consume,
and change happens anyway,
all thing transitory in vast arrays,
as death comes soon enough,
so let life move on and trust.

Tears fall and hearts break,
this pain a payment and what it takes to live,
and for all we may think and want to leave,
possibility awaits every soul,
and better can be any life to see
the other side of relenting,
so breath and let burdens just roll away,
tomorrow is another day.

Tony DeLorger © 2017


Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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