As Day May Linger, and Thoughts Released

As Day May Linger, and Thoughts Released
As Day May Linger, and Thoughts Released

I fall to the wisdom of day’s surrender,
and sigh with a warm release,
as shattered thoughts and woes expire,
to dither in a heartless vapid heap;
the remnants of my moments of struggle,
painted bright but in death respite,
in pallid tones of fading black and white.

I wonder why my day is bled,
heartfelt surges of wants
are fed to the wolves,
and one step forward one step back,
feelings awry and emotions shed
to accept the will of life,
so poignant the balance of steps and plight.

Flow my heart, let it move with elegant pace,
let not the race profound in mind,
be more than my ability to move in kind,
rely on my inner truths,
not the ruse of someone-else’s gain,
but my well intention-ed steps to prosperity,
of soul and all that’s meant to be.

In rest I muse my yesterday moments,
the doors, open and closed,
that forged the day I had in experience,
and questioned all I may have said,
to understand my soul’s yearnings,
and me earning the right to bed
my misery in flowered fields of growth.

As the thoughts wane in dull repose,
and slumber drags a mind to lighter ‘scapes,
I let go the twist and turns of crisp colored days,
to vacuums far, discerned,
and in cosmic shift those wisps of broken gifts,
dismissed in gaze of eternal plights,
in nights not yet owned.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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