An Unconscionable Impasse

An Unconscionable Impasse
An Unconscionable Impasse

It’s all I can say,
to placate the nature of those
who are afraid of truth,
choose not to blame me,
for what you see as slander,
instead embrace truth with affirmation,
that change is life growing,
and the messenger is no foul accomplice,
just the voice of truth espoused.

Your truths somewhat tinted
by glasses dark: what you wish to see,
and me, seeing much more than I want to,
express my sentiments addressed
to aid your cause, not myself on any level,
so tis not me that tries to bring you down,
you can handle that yourself,
I wish no-one to drown,
but your choices are short-sighted.

What can I say about your life,
you, scratching to crawl out of the hole
you so proficiently dug for yourself,
with no direction to favor you,
no destination accepted,
no-one left to rely on but your broken self,
too broken to be of any use,
and the abuse you dealt out,
now comes back to bite you.

It’s all I can say,
to soothe your weary brow,
allay your fears by suggesting
that truth would define you,
had you the balls to face it,
but that isn’t a possibility,
because in your truth, you’re always right,
and that is the problem,
you cannot accept a perspective beyond the self.

Pity is all I have,
no heart, no will for harm,
no grudge or lack of forgiveness,
just the knowledge that this life is gone for you,
little hope of transformation,
when you chose the side of evil intent,
the dice rolled in your favor,
and there you have remained,
an unconscionable impasse.

Tony DeLorger © 2017

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